Launching Your Blog

There is nothing complicated here.

There really is no such thing as a launch. I mean, technically there is, but you’ll be the only person that cares about it.

One day people can’t read your words and the next day they can.

That’s all a blog launch is. There is no crazy fanfare. There is no party.

Your journey can’t begin until you’ve launched your blog.

Unfortunately, some of you reading this might not launch your blog. There are a lot of reasons why but one of the big ones is that people keep on researching thinking that they need to have all of their bases covered.

You’ll never have all of your bases covered and you won’t even know what the bases are until you launch.

It’s like preparing for a marathon. You can read all of the books you want but until you put on your shoes and actually start running, you’ll never know what it’s like.

There is a reason why I created the Blog Simple Framework so you wouldn’t have to question whether or not you got everything in order.

The goal of this guide isn’t to get you to research more or think even deeper about your blog.

The goal of this guide is to let you see the big picture so you know what to look for along the way.

It’s a map, not an excuse for you to wait a couple more weeks or months.

Whenever I have an idea for a blog if I don’t launch it within 3 days then I won’t bother with it. That means it wasn’t that important to me.

I’m not saying you should have a 3-day limit but you should set a deadline.

Don’t overthink it. Your blog isn’t a unique butterfly on day 1.

Maybe by day 37 but day 1 it’s just another no-name blog that many people won’t even know about.


Don’t hype yourself up for your launch. Don’t fantasize about giant numbers.

Just get it out the door.

It’s great that you’ve taken this step to launch a site that is going to be your business, but that is barely step 1.

Try to get people to go to your site but if you only get 3 pageviews don’t be discouraged. You know there is a lot more stuff to do so get started on that.

I’ve launched blogs, patted myself on the back, then watched them die as I did nothing with them.

Launching didn’t get me anywhere.

Blogging is all about building on top of what you did yesterday. It’s why the big bloggers get to sit on their thrones. They’ve built each step one day at a time.

Everything they did was to build on top of what was already done and they constantly moved forward.

You can launch all you want but if you aren’t moving forward then you are in trouble and your blog will die before it experiences success.

So don’t tell me you’ve launched your blog. Tell me you got your first 10 subscribers. Tell me you’ve found your rhythm. Tell me you don’t like your blog’s direction and it’s time to switch things up.

Just don’t tell me you’ve launched.

What is needed for a launch?

Because you have covered so much stuff in this guide it’s easy to think that you need to have a million things in place before you launch.

That’s false.

What I like to do is check to see if I have everything in place to get my first 100 page views and you know what’s needed for that?

  1. A blog
  2. Some content

That’s it.

Then when you can accomplish that you can think about the next steps. How do you get 10 email subscribers? How do you get 1,000 page views?

If you sit around worrying about if you have everything ready for launch then you’ll never launch.

One day your blog isn’t there and one day it is. That’s all a launch is.

Pretending that it’s anything more than that is just silly.

Now that you’ve launched it’s time to figure out how you’re going to get traffic to your blog.