Choosing a Theme for Your Blog

One of the beautiful things about the WordPress ecosystem is that you have an unlimited number of options when it comes to choosing a theme for your blog.

I only use one theme for my blogs: GeneratePress.


It’s lightweight meaning it runs really fast.

It’s customizable.

It’s awesome.

You can grab it for free, but I use GeneratePress Premium because I love the added features.

What’s great about GeneratePress Premium is that it’s only $49.95 and you get full access to everything and can use it on an unlimited number of sites.

So I’ve purchased it once and it’s now being used on 30+ sites.


But as I mentioned there are a ton of themes out there for you to try just don’t get so lost in the theme wasteland that you can find your way out.

Things to Look for in a Theme

There are a couple of things that you should look for in a theme:

  • Something that makes you happy. That comes first. GeneratePress Premium has a site library where you can try different looks.
  • Mobile-optimized. If it doesn’t work well on mobile devices you don’t stand a chance ranking in Google and you’ll annoy a majority of your audience.
  • SEO-optimized right out of the box.
  • Easy to change settings. This is where GeneratePress Premium shines for me. It’s so easy to jump in and change a couple of things around.

Default WordPress Themes Are Fine

If you want to hold off on choosing a theme then the default themes that come with WordPress are just fine.

The key is that your audience can come to a site where the content is easy to read.

The user experience must always come first.

Okay, you have content, you have a blog, and you have a theme.

Let’s launch this sucker.

The PDF Version

Admittedly, the Blog Simple Guide is pretty long and we don’t assume you’ll have all of the time in the world to view it online so we’ve also turned it into a PDF.

It’s a free download, we just need your email to know where to send it to.