The Best Blogging Podcasts

If you haven’t gotten into podcasts, you need to give them a try! 

Here’s why:

  • Accessibility – Podcasts are available on most devices (phones, tablets, computers), so you can listen to them anywhere! 
  • Cost – Almost all podcasts are free, which makes them a cheap option for learning new skills.
  • Variety – According to Forbes, as of November 2019, there were over 800,000 active podcasts, which means there’s most likely a podcast for whatever you’re interested in.

If you’re a blogger (or thinking of becoming one), here are 9 podcasts that will help you level up your blog. 

This list includes:

Blogging Podcasts

Do You Even Blog by Pete McPherson

Podcast Description: “Deep-dive interviews with the world’s best bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online business nerds.”

Why You Should Listen: In the 2+ years that the Do You Even Blog podcast has existed, Pete has interviewed tons of amazing people (like old school digital marketer Glen Allsopp, Neil Patel, and million-dollar blogger Michelle Schroeder- Gardner).

Through these interviews, you can learn tactics and strategies to help you with things like Pinterest, SEO, and Instagram.

After each interview, Pete will give you his takeaways, which usually includes several actionable tips that you can start implementing immediately!

Favorite Episodes:

  • Glen Allsopp – Pete talks to Glen (aka Viperchill) about SEO and link-building.
  • Allea Grummert – Pete talks with Allea about self-care, and checking in with yourself on “CEO Dates”.

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Blogging Millionaire by Brandon Gaille

Podcast Description: “The Blogging Millionaire podcast teaches you the secret blogging strategies that pro bloggers use to grow their traffic and monetize their blogs.”

Why You Should Listen: Brandon gets right into the topic and focuses on actionable things you can implement on your own blog.

The episodes are less than 20 minutes long, so you can easily fit these into your day.

Favorite Episodes:

  • Blogging Goals – Brandon talks about blogging goals and gives 5 specific blogging goals people should have.
  • Search Intent – The beginning of a 3-part series that covers Google search intent optimization.

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Just Keep Blogging by Kim Anderson

Podcast Description: “The Just Keep Blogging podcast, created by Kim Anderson of Kim Anderson Consulting, is intended to be a regular source of encouragement, clarity and inspiration for bloggers.”

Why You Should Listen: Kim is super upbeat and focuses more on motivation and creating flexible strategies that will help you reach your specific blogging goals.

Favorite Episodes:

  • Profitable Facebook Ads – Kim interviews Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter about how she was able to scale her business to $100k/month using Facebook Ads
  • Managing Social Media – Kim talks about how to create a social media strategy that works for you and your business goals.

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Other Helpful Podcasts

Money Lab by Matt Giovanisci

Podcast Description: “Matt Giovanisci and Andrew Fiebert drop the gauntlet of truth about being self-employed, serial entrepreneurs. They’re not teaching how to build a successful company. Instead, they run business challenges and experiments that offer a transparent view of what it really takes to make money online.”

Why You Should Listen: Matt and Andrew have created all kinds of products and businesses (like Swim University, Listen Money Matters, etc), they have incredibly lofty goals when it comes to their businesses and with Money Lab they share all the ups and downs and really get into the nitty-gritty.

Favorite Episodes:

  • The Lasso Experiment – Matt talks about his affiliate marketing plugin (Lasso) and how he plans to make $15k/month in recurring revenue from selling it.
  • Running a Content Machine – Matt talks with Andrew about their current content creation strategies.

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Pep Talks For Side Hustlers by Shannon Mattern

Podcast Description: “If you want to know how to market your business online, former side-hustler turned full-time entrepreneur Shannon Mattern shares all her best online marketing strategies.”

Why You Should Listen: Shannon was able to take her freelance web design service from side hustle to full time. She shares tips and strategies for how other entrepreneurs can do the same thing.

Her monthly income report episodes are incredibly in-depth and helpful and it’s interesting to see how she plans to get to six figures with her business.

Favorite Episodes:

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Podcast Description: “Weekly interviews, strategy, and advice for building your online business the smart way.”

Why You Should Listen: Pat is an OG when it comes to online business (does anyone remember niche site duel?) and he shares that experience through his podcast. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s an amazing interviewer.

Favorite Episodes:

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Make Time Online by Mike Beatty

Podcast Description: “Interviews will be with real people who are using a side hustle to make money to create more time and live a meaningful life.”

Why You Should Listen: Because this podcast focuses on making passive income online, Mike has interviewed a variety of people who make money in different ways (YouTube, blogging, courses, etc).

The interviews are usually very in-depth and go into specific strategies that you can use in your own online business.

Favorite Episodes:

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Turn Your Followers Into Clients by Vanessa Lau

Podcast Description: ” The Turn Your Followers Into Clients podcast is all about empowering today’s content creator and online coach to do the damn thing and start monetizing their genius online.”

Why You Should Listen: Vanessa is pretty unique because she’s not a blogger – she kills it on social media (specifically YouTube and Instragram)! But her podcasts shares strategies that anyone can use, and she’s also incredibly transparent about what hasn’t worked for her.

Favorite Episode:

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

Being Boss by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Podcast Description: “Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side-hustlers, whether you’re wanting to quit your day job or have been your own boss for a while now.

Authors and “business besties” Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon dig into the mindset, habits, routines, boundaries, branding, marketing tactics, business strategies, systems, and processes that help you make money doing what you love.”

Why You Should Listen: This one isn’t really a typical podcast about online business. Emily and Kathleen focus on mindset instead of business strategies and tips (which can be just as valuable!).

Favorite Episodes:

  • Profit First – Emily and Kathleen talk to Mike Michalowicz (author of Profit First) about the profit first method and the importance of paying yourself first.
  • Productivity Hacks – Emily and Kathleen talk about actionable steps you can take to be more productive and they share their daily routines.

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify

And If You Want to Start Your Own Podcast

Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs by Jenny Suneson

Podcast Description: ” The Savvy Podcasting for Entrepreneurs podcast is a show for female biz babes looking to launch + grow their podcast and start generating leads on autopilot.”

Why You Should Listen: Jenny has her own podcast agency, which means she has experience with launching, managing, and promoting podcasts and she shares that experience through the Savvy Podcasting podcast.

Favorite Episode:

Where to Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify