Blogging Is Not Dead

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I firmly believe that every single day there is someone in this world that asks whether or not blogging is dead.

Those that want to start a blog want to believe that blogging isn’t dead.

Those that don’t want to bother with a blog will say that blogging is dead.

But what about the people that actual do blog?

What do they have to say?

Well, I happen to run a couple of blogs.

I also happen to teach others how to build successful blogs.

So it’s in my best interest to believe that blogging isn’t dead, right?

If it is dead then I’m teaching people a dying art form and that isn’t cool.

Who wants to waste their time doing something that is dying? You’d probably want to spend your time on something that is going to last a while.

No worries, blogging isn’t dead and I’ll explain why.

What a Business Needs

Before we dive into blogging let’s think about business. You already know that for a business to survive it needs to make money.

However, did you also know that money can only be made when you have an audience?

I know! Very surprising!

So what do most traditional businesses do to make sure they maintain an audience?

They ensure that they are always marketing.

Now before you roll those big, beautiful eyes into the back of your head I want you to understand that marketing isn’t a bad thing.

Just because you got ripped off last week by a bad advertisement doesn’t make all marketing bad. In fact, when done properly, marketing can change the world.

Don’t believe me?

Well you should because this blog post right here is marketing.


No, I didn’t trick you at all. I’m being serious.

You think you’re reading a blog but what you’re really reading is the marketing department of my business.

I’ve written his piece of content and I’ve used it as marketing. Because I’ve used this content as marketing it has attracted your attention.

Now that you’re here I can only hope that you stick around. Maybe you sign up for my free 13-Day Blogging Bootcamp. Maybe you sign up for my blogging course.

Either way, blogging brought you here and that’s why blogging isn’t dead and why it will never die.

Businesses will always need audiences and one of the ways to attract an audience is through marketing.

If you treat your blog as a business then you don’t see your writing as “blogging”. Instead, you begin to see it as “content marketing”.


That’s right. If you’re blogging, you’re actually marketing which in turn makes you a marketer.

The horror!

That’s okay though. Because marketers make money for their business. Wait, whose business?

Your business!

So not only are you a marketer, but you’re also an entrepreneur!

Go figure!

This is pretty amazing. You came here wondering if blogging was dead and now you’re leaving with two new job titles: Marketer and Entrepreneur.

But the question of is blogging dead has only been asked from one side. The business side.

Another big reason why blogging isn’t dead and won’t be for the foreseeable future is because of the other side of the equation.

The people.

Problems and Solutions

Unfortunately for all of us, there are always going to be problems that need to be solved.

They could be big problems or they could be little problems.

It doesn’t matter. If you have a problem you want it to be solved.

So what do you do when you have a problem and you don’t know the solution?

Chances are you’ll go to a search engine and type in the problem to see if any solutions pop up.

Sometimes you’ll land on a big media site and other times you’ll land on a blog. That blog can do the exact same thing as the big media site which is to help you solve a problem.

This blog post solves a problem.

Your problem was that you weren’t sure if blogging was dead or not. This blog post presents you with the answer (solution) to that problem.

Through the act of blogging, I was able to solve a problem that you had which shows that I have value to offer. From there you can leave the site, explore more, sign up for the FREE Blog Simple Guide or jump right into the blogging course.

Is it all starting to make sense?

Hobby Blogging Is Dead

The problem with the question of is blogging dead is that it needs to clearly define what type of blogging.

There is something that I refer to as hobby blogging where you sit down and you just write about whatever you want.

A long time ago you used to be able to do this and find success because there wasn’t much competition.

However, nowadays if people want to be entertained by random things they have Netflix, YouTube and a host of other options.

Rarely are they going to go to a blog that offers random content.

While you can still do a hobby blog if you just want one for yourself, doing one in the hopes that one day it randomly builds an audience and makes money is not going to happen.

If you treat a blog like that then your blog is dead in the water.

So yes, in some kind of way blogging is dead, but not the way that the bloggers make money do it.

You Should Start a Blog

I’m assuming you’re reading this post because you’re curious if blogging is dead and if it is worth your time.

I 100% think every person that wants a business of their own should start a blog, but they shouldn’t view it as just a blog.

It’s really a business and the blog is used to market that business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using ads to make money or selling your own information products.

A blog is a great way to start on your online business journey.