The Blogging Mindset

Hopefully, throughout this guide, you’ve seen that blogging isn’t a hobby. 

It’s truly a business if you treat it as such.

While there are plenty of people just like you making money with blogging there are way more that aren’t making a dime.

It’s not because they lack intelligence.

It’s not because they lack the skills.

For many of them, it’s because they lack the right mindset.

If you were going to start a brick and mortar store you would know exactly how much effort you need to put into it to grow.

You aren’t going to take consecutive days or weeks off. It’s just not going to happen because you need to get people in the door.

Blogging feels different but it really isn’t. 

It feels different because all you’re doing is sitting down at the computer and typing things. Maybe you’re making pins, but everything is done at the computer and it’s hard to tell the effort that goes into things when there isn’t much physical movement.

And yet building a successful blog shouldn’t be seen as more or less difficult than starting a brick and mortar store.

And yet, most people still treat it as a side thing.

It’s very important to keep in mind that your blog isn’t being built in a bubble.

You are competing for the attention of your audience with other people in your niche.

There is only so much attention to go around.

If I’m working harder than you and doing a much better job with my blog than you are with yours, then I’m going to get the attention.

But what exactly do I mean by “working harder”?

Seth Godin believes that the business of a business is to serve its audience in the best way possible.

So when I say that I’m working harder on my business than my competition is on theirs what I mean is that I’m working harder at finding ways that I can better serve my audience.

It doesn’t mean I’m working 18 hour days.

It means I put more thought and care into what I do for the people that trust me to guide them.

It doesn’t matter if you just see it as a side project that you work on from time to time.

With that mentality, you’ll eventually give up because it’s not working out for you.

Unfortunately, when it comes to blogging you don’t deserve success. It doesn’t work like that.

Just because you decided to take action it doesn’t mean you get rewarded for it.

You have to earn it.

The Blog Simple Framework was created because I’ve found that when given a specific structure to follow, more people stay committed to the success of their blog because they see where they are going.

It’s hard to maintain focus and see it as a business when you’re just hoping things work out.

So if you’re really going to get started on this blog journey then it’s important to make sure you have the right mindset.

I think you do.

You just have to prove it to yourself.

Alright, you’ve made it this far. You ready for one more step?

This is how you really begin to make money with a blog.