It’s Time You Understood the New Framework for 6-Figure Blogging


My name is Paul Scrivens.

To be perfectly honest that doesn’t matter right now. You can learn more about me later.

I just wanted to get the intro out of the way so we could dive right into what you’re here for.

You’re here because you want to know if blogging is worth your time and by “worth your time” what I really mean is “make you money”.

It’s a valid question and one you should be asking.

In life there are only two reasons to do something:

  1. Because you see something beneficial (better feelings, better life, better something)
  2. Because it makes you money

Even better if you can combine the two and I think blogging can do that.

If you know what you’re doing.

That’s the whole purpose of this guide.

To help give you a sense of what you need to do in your blogging journey to make it a success.

Now, let me say that there are 1000s of people that fail at blogging.

I’m not talking about kind of fail.

I mean crash hard, burn to the ground, and have to move to another state because they can’t look their family and friends in the eye kind of failing.

This guide is meant to prevent that from happening.

As long as you pay attention.

If you do, then you’ll be in good hands.

Don’t worry, this guide is completely free. The only investment that you need to make is time.

If you can’t make that investment then you will not want to start a business anyway.

However, I have a feeling you’re the type that is always looking for opportunities to better your life so you’ll want to keep on reading.

This isn’t meant to be a quick guide to blogging.

You can find plenty of those around the Internet that won’t really help you in the long run because they gloss over things.

This guide is meant to shape your thinking on blogging if you don’t know what it is and to change your thinking of blogging if you’ve already started.

If all of that sounds good then we can get started.

Before we talk about blogging I think it’s important to talk about business and making money because if you can understand those things, then blogging gets a whole lot easier.

But first we need an introduction.